Thursday, March 7, 2013

SK Long Wat

Assalamualaikum cikgu...

How are you? 
I'm fine...

Do you read my title post? YES!!

I got the school..
This school at Sarawak.

I need to prepare this thing...

1) salinan buku akaun bank (yg aktif) - 5 salinan
2) salinan sijil2 akademik - 5 salinan
3) salinan i.c - 5 salinan
4) salinan surat beranak - 5 salinan
5) salinan penyata kwsp - 5 salinan
6) gambar pasport - 5 keping
7) utk yg dah kawin, bawa salinan i.c suami
maklumat lebih lanjut,kol PPD BARAM : 085-755808

I will make a diary about this school soon..

I hope I will write a new story mory next time...


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