Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beads Sewing Class Part Tw0... 2....


Hi!! How are you, today? I hope you will fine like always. ^_^
I miss all of you.
Thanks for read my blog and enjoy.
I hope you will be my VIP.

Today, I would like to share what I have learn at beads sewing class. 

Here the story begin.... 

After I got to the store, I was greeted by the teacher. She was very nice, friendly and welcoming to students. * Wink *, * wink *. I was asked to sit in a chair and there are few materials available in front of me. Teacher gave me a pink fabric, needle and let me borrow beads, sequins and thread. Next, the teacher taught me some beads and sequins sewing techniques. The following is the result of my stitches. That's just the beginning, I will practice again to beautify my stitches.

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