Saturday, November 24, 2012

Do you Remember? Part 1...


How are you today? I'm truly fine right here. Today I want to share some history that it's make you remember again. ^_^

This is article that I copied from Tourist Newspaper (Nov 2012). It's cost RM3.00.

The history of Penang began in 1786, when Captian Francis Light struck a deal with the Sultan of Kedah. He acquired Pulau Pinang (Penang Island) from the Sultan n behalf of the East India Company, which in return promised Kedah protection against its powerful neighbours.

By 1800, Light had also managed to negotiate for a strip of land next to th island. The place was named Province Wellesley (after the Governor of India) and is now the present Seberang Perai.

Light named the island Prince of Wales Island because the acquistion date fell on the prince's birthday. He first landed at the site of the present Esplanade. The place was then no more than a swampy, malaria-infested area. To clear the place, he loaded the ship's cannon's with the silver dollars and fired them into the jungle to encourage a faster clearing of the thick undergrowth by the labourers.

To be continued......... 

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