Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finding a Job?


Work vs. Money. Who do you think that a person don’t want money. Money is everything for us. Now, even children also know about money. Without money, we cannot buy anything. Today, I want to share something about work vs. money. Now, if we don’t work, we could not have money, right? Think for a minute, what should we do?

This is my answer. Actually, we can work. It’s depend on ourselves what skill that we have. There are many skills we have such as teaching, singing, dancing, typing, writing and driving. Here are some tips I want to share before you choose a job?

1.    Ask yourself?
First, analyze of your skills. With that, we will know what we are interest in the work. For example, I'm interested together with children. I'd like to teach the children about the subject they are weak.

2.    Find a job.
We need information about the job that we want to do. Most importantly, it must a connection with our interest. For example, I am looking for a job to become a temporary teacher in school, tuition teacher or private tutor.

3.    Accept the job.
Before we accept the job, we must know something about the work. Such as, salary offers, our commitment and abilities. If we do not like the offer that they give, just refuse it.

4.    Work wholeheartedly.
After we accept the offer, set our mission before we do the job. It will motivate us to do the job willingly. Lastly, we will get the payment as our credit of the work.

Hope you enjoy read about this article.


  1. Good info. Keep Posting about something u know and share. We get what we do.


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