Sunday, November 18, 2012


How are you today? I hope you are in the pink of health. Today, I love to share something about my hobby. One of my hobbies is save money. 

Money, money, money. We need to save money for our own future. This is because in case of emergency savings money can help us. This is a simple tip in saving the money.

1.   Keep a small amount into the moneybox once a week. Such as, I keep RM10 once a week.

2.   Save money at places you love to hide. This may be strange, but it is very helpful. Such as, I love to keep RM50 in my dairy book once a month.

3.   If you get a salary, save 2% from your money in your bank. Such as, I keep my 2% money in ASB. ASB is Amanah Saham Bumiputera.

4.   Save money in the moneybox to the bank every three months or when your moneybox is already full.

That’s all. I hope you will try to use my simple tips. It is very helpful. Do not forget to leave your comment and be my VIP. I will follow you back. ^_^

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  1. Love to be ur VIP..hehehe.... A good tip for those who are do not know where to start saving money.. love read your blog. keeps posting...


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