Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year..


By the pronouncement of Bismillah, I declare the start of the new year in this blog. WOW!!

Good Evening to all my readers...

Its look official now... Yeah!!

I have many things to share with you... I have list it down... Just for sharing ok... ^_^

1.   The happiness thing is I have married with a special person in my life on 22 December 2013.
2.   Tomorrow is the 2nd week in this year that I'm teaching in a school

3.   My husband and I will make a ceremony in Peninsular Malaysia.. (Insya Allah).. I really hope my friend 
      come to our ceremony.

4.   I would like to make a business... Still planning... Chaiyok!!!!

That's all for today... I will share something else later... 

Thanks for your support by read my blog... See you soon...

~Mrs Ai Ra publish~

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